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Policy Pillar One

Land Use & Zoning

Melbourne is Australia's fastest growing city. It should also be the most affordable, liveable, and sustainable.

A tangled web of restrictions currently limits Melbourne's ability to grow and use land efficiently. Much of our inner-city land is locked into 'Neighbourhood Residential Zones', which restrict buildings to two storeys, and does not allow for the mixed-use development that characterises so many of our city's most beloved, walkable streets.

Zoning and land use restrictions make land scarce, and drive up housing costs significantly.

YIMBY Melbourne wants to see broad upzoning, enabling soft density across the inner-city, upending the current regime of scarcity, and creating housing abundance.

This upzoning will also help to combat suburban sprawl, which sees new housing and poorer people pushed further and further away from the city. Through zoning and land use reform, Melbourne can see more homes built where people want to live.

Land Use & Zoning

Policy areas

Soft density upzoning

Melbourne's most restrictive zones should be reformed to enable soft density across the inner-city, including the broad provision of dynamic mixed-use development. 

Parking minimum reforms

Upwards of 40% of inner-Melbourne's residential carparks are empty. To reduce housing costs, we must stop forcing the provision of unused car parks in new developments.

Transport corridor upzoning

Further development and densification should be enabled around major public transport precincts.

Overlay reform

Much of Melbourne's land is restricted not only by zoning, but also various overlays. These overlays should be reviewed, simplified, and in many cases removed.

Lot consolidation incentives

The government should provide processes and incentives for lot consolidation to enable more precinct-level planning and development.

By-right development expansion

Low-impact densification, such as granny flats, should be allowed without discretionary approval. 

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Policy Pillars

Land Use & Zoning

Melbourne is Australia's fastest growing city. It should also be the most affordable, liveable, and sustainable.

Planning Processes & Governance

Our planning system should create the Melbourne of tomorrow, not the Melbourne of yesterday.

Taxation, Financing, & Incentives

Government should better capture the value development creates, increase supply, and ensure equitable housing allocation and outcomes.

Heritage & Historical Restrictions on Land Use

Melbourne is Australia's most heritage-protected city. We must allow the next generation to build the city in which they want to live.