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Policy Pillar Two

Planning Processes & Governance

Our planning system should create the Melbourne of tomorrow, not the Melbourne of yesterday.

Victoria’s outdated and complex planning system produces a number of delays to processing approvals which blows out costs for developments, and in some cases kills them all together. 

This complexity, combined with local government electoral structures, privileges a vocal minority of incumbent residents with the time and resources to navigate the system. The current system strains our under-resourced local government planning departments, all while increasing housing costs. 

Local government planning must be streamlined, and processes standardised across all councils. This will enable best-practice decision-making and will enable better city-wide planning and inter-council collaboration.

Third party objection and appeal structures must also be reformed, in order to prevent planning system abuse by niche interest groups, at the expense of development's largest stakeholder: people who want to live in an area but can't.

Planning Processes & Governance

Policy areas

Council planning uniformity

Planning processes must be standardised across councils, in order to increase community and stakeholder certainty, reducing housing costs for all.

Planning targets & transparency

Planning data should be made accessible, including time taken for each step in the planning process. Councils should be required to meet both housing and process efficiency targets to reduce planning system abuse.

Planning Scheme Amendment reform

Planning Scheme Amendments should be solely the responsibility of the state government, rather than local councils. This will increase certainty, and enable better statewide planning.

Third party objection and appeal rights reform

Third party objection processes currently occur on a per-development basis, creating uncertainty and administrative burden. These processes must be reformed to enable better development and community outcomes.

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Policy Pillars

Land Use & Zoning

Melbourne is Australia's fastest growing city. It should also be the most affordable, liveable, and sustainable.

Planning Processes & Governance

Our planning system should create the Melbourne of tomorrow, not the Melbourne of yesterday.

Taxation, Financing, & Incentives

Government should better capture the value development creates, increase supply, and ensure equitable housing allocation and outcomes.

Heritage & Historical Restrictions on Land Use

Melbourne is Australia's most heritage-protected city. We must allow the next generation to build the city in which they want to live.