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YIMBY Melbourne is grassroots and member-driven. That means we rely on memberships and donations to keep the lights on.
We run a pretty lean ship. We use a handful of digital tools which require subscriptions, and we run events in hired spaces. We also print when we need to, and do some paid marketing for campaigns and events.

The most valuable part of your membership, though, is that groups with strong memberships get listened to. It's one of the first questions an advocacy group gets asked by Parliament: how many members do you have? 

By joining YIMBY Melbourne, you can help make the answer to that question all the more impressive.

simple, like our planning System should be

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You will also have the opportunity to make an additional donation at the point of payment. Please note that donations to YIMBY Melbourne are not tax-deductible, but they are highly appreciated.

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This section is optional. We ask for this information to get a better sense of our membership.

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Upon submission, you will be redirected to Square, where you will be asked to make payment in line with your membership level. Your application will be assessed by the YIMBY Melbourne committee. In the case you are found ineligible for membership for any reason, you will be refunded in full.

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